Sarah Street Series Continues – Business Owners in The Grove

The Sarah Street Series continues with its third episode featuring business owners in The Grove as they discuss assets, changes and hopes for the neighborhood. Coming soon to The Grove, Koman Group’s Chroma will bring 235 new residences and 18,000 square feet of retail to the corner of Sarah Street and Chouteau Avenue.

“At the end of the day for me, it’s just that having more residents living and existing down here is huge,” says Sean Baltzell, owner of Tower Classic Tattooing and Parlor Pub & Social Club. “They’re shopping, eating, drinking, and just continue added value to the properties around here for people who own the businesses. I think we’re all excited to see that growth. Like we just said, daytime retail is a major key we’re missing down here… So in two ways [Chroma] affects the neighborhood in a positive way out of the gate.”

Listen to the full episode here. The Sarah Street podcast is a collaboration with STL Community Cast a platform for local thought leaders to highlight the awesome work happening in St Louis.


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